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Faithless Milk

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Angie is caught cheating by her husband. Instead of having a marriage-ending freakout, he instead asks her for a concession: to start lactating again so he can enjoy her wonderfully milky breasts. This seems an excellent solution to Angie and she readily agrees not only to make her husband happy but so that she can continue on her affair with her lover...

This is a 30,000 word story intended for adult audiences. Originally published in three parts.

This is a 10,000 word lactation erotica/adult nursing novella that contains explicit sex and sexual descriptions. It focuses on adult nursing, lesbian sex, erotic lactation, group sex, complicated sexual relationships, and other sexually explicit themes and language that not all members of the public will enjoy.

All characters are 18 or older.


Angie knew she should have felt bad about cheating on her husband, but she didn’t.

The good thing was that she and Marc weren’t actually having sex at the time that Rob walked in. That might have been a little too much even for her, the girl who had sex with three guys in one night during college because they were roommates and handsome.

Agreeing to Rob’s crazy proposal to make her lactate was easy. Angie knew all about easy.

Without telling her husband, Angie went ahead and ordered one of the many supplements sold on lactation information websites. They were supposed to be for women who were adopting a baby and wanted to breastfeed. The obvious implication from all the sites was that these supplements were used by other than adoptive mothers.

That didn’t matter to Angie. She wasn’t one for always following the rules.

And that was how she wound up back in a hotel room, naked, on her hands and knees, with Marc holding her in place and doing with her whatever he wanted.

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