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The d.o.mai.n Universe



A collection of two short stories set in the d.o.mai.n Universe, taking place after the events of pre://d.o.mai.n.

The Zealot: Six months ago, Tobin Maldovan was in charge of a manhunt for an enigmatic hacker named ATLAS. With ATLAS having escaped his jurisdiction, Tobin had nothing left but to follow his estranged wife to California, seeking reassignment at the West Coast cyberterrorism field office. His reputation precedes him, and soon he is pursuing a dangerous cyberterrorist the media has taken to calling "The Zealot." As usual, Tobin pours himself into his work, but things change when the work becomes personal in ways that he never would have imagined.

LEGION Protocol: Zane is a member of a group of cybernetically augmented FBI Agents, the "Holmes Initiative", named after the great fictional detective. His newest case brings him face to face with a comatose body hooked up to an array of machines doing far more than keeping the body alive. With no clues to go on, he must insert his consciousness into it's rapidly deteriorating mind. What Zane finds will cause him to question the existence of everything.

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