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2019 Social Security & Medicare Facts

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2019 Social Security & Medicare Facts is a one-stop guide for attorneys, CPAs, and retirement and financial planning professionals to advise on tax and policy changes affecting Social Security and Medicare. Organized in a unique and convenient Q&A format, this book helps professionals find exactly what they’re looking for quickly and easily to solve clients’ important planning issues.

The 2019 edition has been fully revised, featuring:

New question & answer sections on the Windfall Elimination Provisions to the Social Security Act and Government Pension Offset
Additional information regarding Delayed Retirement Credits and Self-Employment Insurance
Expanded coverage of disability benefits, mother and father’s benefits, spousal and surviving spouse benefits, children’s benefits
Updated status of the Medicaid expansion under the Affordable Care Act
Additional coverage of rights and benefits for same-sex marriages
Case studies illustrating real-life scenarios of how maximization of benefits strategies can be applied
The effect of “Excess Earnings” on benefits for Social Security recipients
2019 inflation-adjusted numbers for Social Security and COLA increases
Significant expansion of coverage of Railroad Retirement benefits and benefits for federal government employees, including new questions relating to FERS and Civil Service Retirement program
Additional coverage of Military Retirement including addition of coverage of new Blended Retirement program, military disability pay, and coverage for National Guard and Reservists
Expanded coverage of disability benefits for Social Security, military, government, and railroad worker
Expanded coverage of Medicare Advantage, as well as Medigap insurance, included the elimination of the popular “Plan F”

Authored by retirement planning and estate planning experts, 2019 Social Security & Medicare Facts is the practical, comprehensive reference you can rely on.

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