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Blood and Secrets 2: Mateo: The Calvetti Crime Familia, #2

118 pages1 hour


Nothing is as it seems in their world … or is it?

Her name is Carina Ricci and Mateo belongs to her.
He thinks he's the leader, but he's blind to what she sees.
He's just a pawn in this sick and twisted game.

She has been promised to him since birth,
But what he doesn't know is this …
She's crazy.
The level of crazy everyone fears, and her sights are set on him.

The secrets, lies, and blood she's shed,
Make the psychopath buzz in her head.
He's her king, and she's his queen.
He'll shiver when he sees the things she's seen.

But what she didn't expect is to be caught in this, too.
The game they are playing is starting anew.
The enemy is now becoming a friend.
She thinks they're all going to die when it finally ends.

Will Carina and Mateo be able to get themselves out of this mess, or will it all be too much for them to handle as they succumb to the threat powering against them?

Don't miss Blood and Secrets 2, the second of the Mateo: The Calvetti Crime Family Serial series by Rose Harper. If you like Aleatha Romig, Pepper Winters, and Penelope Sky, then this dark romantic suspense will have you turning the pages! Come check it out!

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