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The Meridiem: Cedric, Book 2

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After Cedric is rescued from the clutches of Lord Domitian's henchmen, he travels north with his sibling rescuers. Along the way Cedric suspects that the two brothers are not as they appear to be, and their sister Adina is even more mysterious. As he learns of their magical lineage and guardian pact, his feelings for Adina grow—until one night, she changes his life forever.

Meanwhile, Lord Domitian's woes are mounting. While grieving over the death of his beloved countess, his castle is seized by a rival vampire clan. To save himself and his castle he allies with the dreaded upyrian queen Žofie. The price Domitian must pay for her help is the formidable Adina. The queen intends to turn Adina into a vampire of upyrian birthright, combine their powers to defeat the west, and expand the empire. Domitian's diabolical plan to trap Adina brings Cedric back to the place of nightmares—Vos Castle. This time, the dark powers are darker, the stakes are higher, and Cedric can save the future if only he can survive his past.

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