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Two to Tango

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(The Santinos -Novella)

An unexpected roommate. An unlikely partner. A match made in wine country.

Jake Martelli's busy-body relatives have pulled a fast one. They've humiliated the hunky San Francisco sportscaster by buying him in front of a sold-out crowd at the annual Sweetheart's Auction.

The geriatric mod squad own Jake now, and are forcing him to enter their small-town's cockamamie dance competition.

So far, they've tricked Jake into staying at their Napa Valley guest house with a beautiful woman from his past.

Poor Scarlett Halle has no idea she's being set up.

The pretty baker with two left feet was only in town for a business deal. When her good friend offered her a free vacation home in wine country, Scarlett didn't know Jake Martelli would be staying in the same house.

There isn't much to do in this sleepy town, so when swoony Jake takes her in his arms and asks her to practice dancing with him, how can she say no?

The temporary roommates aren't looking for partners, but it seems fate, and two quirky matchmakers have other plans.

Will Jake and Scarlett discover a three-minute tango is the dance of a lifetime?

If you enjoy tropes, Two to Tango covers several: Fish Out of Water, Accidental Roommate, Matchmaker, and Second Chance Romance.  (Scarlett and Jake met before, years ago and have never forgotten each other.) 


If you liked the movie The Holiday (Cameron Diaz & Jude Law) and watch Dancing with the Stars, imagine the setting in Napa Valley wine country and this is the story for you!

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