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A Hitting Pitcher: George Grant, #2
A Hitting Pitcher: George Grant, #2
A Hitting Pitcher: George Grant, #2
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A Hitting Pitcher: George Grant, #2

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About this ebook

George Grant is a farm boy who is struck by lightning while helping his dad harvest grain. His dad is killed, but George recovers with lingering effects that cause him to get tingles in his hands and arms whenever he throws a baseball or lifts anything heavy. The tingles make him stronger and give him great speed and accuracy when pitching a baseball. His vision is also affected and he now sees a baseball in flight moving like it is in slow motion.

This second book in the George Grant Series is a continuation of George's high school years. As a sophomore he led his team to their first state baseball championship. George has outstanding pitching skills and his ability to see the ball moving in slow motion results in him getting a hit every time he bats, unless he gets an intentional walk. He never strikes out. He again leads the team to unprecedented achievements.

He and his brother, Roy, suffer another tragedy as they lose their mother to cancer. Their Grandpa and Grandma Grant become their guardians and help them run the farm, which now belongs to them.

George develops a deep affection for Marcy Caldwell, a classmate who helps him with his studies and who somehow can sense when he has tingles in his hands and arms. George is surprised that Marcy can tell when he has tingles because no one else, not even the doctors, can do that. He also realizes that he gets tingles whenever he's near Marcy.

When George and Marcy graduate from high school they plan to go to college. They also plan to get married. However, the summer after they graduate George learns that things don't always work out as planned and his dream of becoming a professional baseball player is in jeopardy.

Release dateJan 18, 2019
A Hitting Pitcher: George Grant, #2
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Jay Henry Peterson

Jay Henry Peterson grew up as a farm kid on the northern Great Plains. He milked cows, handled beef cattle, hogs and chickens and spent many hours on tractors and other equipment planting and harvesting small grains, corn and soybeans. He began writing as a teenager, creating whimsical poems and stories to amuse his high school classmates. Most of that unpublished writing has been lost. After being passed around by his classmates, much of it was wadded up and tossed in the trash basket in some classroom. He often wrote sports and feature articles for his high school and college newspapers. His college years were interrupted when he was called to serve in the United States Army, a time that included a year in combat operations in the swamps and jungles of South Vietnam. He returned to college after the service and earned a bachelor’s degree in journalism.   During a professional career of more than four decades as a printing and publications executive his writing was largely confined to business projects. Jay Henry Peterson is retired. He recently returned to writing for pleasure, this time concentrating on short stories and novels. He and his wife live in Arizona.

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