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Dragon's Whisper: The Fablestone Clan, #4

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Nicole has made more mistakes in the last six months than most people make in a lifetime. She got involved with an evil organization and found out too late just how terrible they are. Now everyone's out to kill her: the scientists, the dragons, and perhaps most of all, her former lover.

Living among the dragons wasn't supposed to be easy, but it was supposed to be safe.

She didn't realize just how long they can hold grudges though.

Lee doesn't have time for drama. He doesn't have time for much of anything anymore. He's too busy trying to figure out how the dragons can finally break free from the oppressive forces that keep sending danger their way.

He needs a break.

A vacation.


He doesn't know what he needs, but it's certainly not Nicole.

Not her.

Not the betrayer.

When the past comes back to haunt them, Lee and Nicole are forced to go head-to-head, and Lee isn't sure if he's going to make it out of this in one piece. If Nicole doesn't kill him, she just might break his heart.

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