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The Port of Peril

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When Vernia, empress of Reabon, mightiest land of all Venus, was kidnapped by the strange marauders of the sea and was taken to their hidden port, it presented the Earthman, Robert Grandon, with his greatest challenge. Grandon goes on a quest to save her, a quest that will put him on challenges, and against enemies beyond everything he had came across before. And out of this comes a tale of action in which event follows event at unparalleled speed, and always against a background of the most fantastic creatures and horrible men. „The Port of Peril”, Otis Adelbert Kline’s concluding novel of Venusian adventure, amply demonstrates his high skill with fast-action science-fiction. It continues the fantastic adventures of Robert Grandon as he encounters the Huitsenni, a weird, buccaneering race.

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