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Beautiful Ticking Time Bomb

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She is sent to prison for a murder she did commit.                                                                      But to be able to stay out of trouble would be the ultimate test, and just how far can she be pushed before the explosion is devastating? VICTORIA STERLING has been held in a god awful cell for a grueling week and is awaiting her fate. Her sixteen-year-old son SIMON and the only reason she's living is on the outside and the thought of not knowing if he's alright he is consuming her every waking moment. She's eventually introduced to David Hernandez, a deportation officer, the man who offers her the opportunity to be extradited back to England for sentencing or spend many years in a Mexican penitentiary. Victoria knows that deportation is her only option if she ever wants to see her beloved son again and decides to fly back to London with her boy on the same plane.

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