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Odin's Warriors



Even Gods Have Bad Days.

For a planet soon to be engulfed in a mindless death swarm, it'll take an army to hold them back. Or three. And one desperate last stand. 

The First and Last, descendants of the Roman Ninth Legion, presumed dead at the Elysium truce accords, return from the Emperor's Lair, led by their venerable general, Sarah Versetti. Along with them, the means of mass destruction, and an incandescent need for revenge.

On Earth, Major Wolfgang Mauss, Commander of the 501st Heavy Panzer Battalion, holder of the Knight's Cross, protégé of Rommel himself, is doing all he can to delay the Russian advance on Germany, equipped with the biggest, baddest tanks the war has produced. But in the early months of 1945, him and his men know it is futile, for the Motherland is doomed. Along with the Seventh Panzer Division, their new orders are clear: Evacuate across the Baltic Sea and reform.

For Captain Laurie John, and his commando squad, they need to go rescue their mates before they can go home. No-one gets left behind. No-one. Damn the orders. 

But other certain pawns on the chessboard refuse to play the game set out for them, as an uprising ten millennia long in the making, now erupts.

For on Elysium, only advanced technological beings assume that they are all-knowing, all-seeing Nordic Gods.

And Ameila Gruder, Odin-blood in her veins, just wants to see her mother and protect those in her care. And along the way, will change the face of the galaxy, forever.

Odin's Warriors: Königstiger is the third instalment in an epic military sci-fi series.

Odin's Warriors: Hunter Prey - Book 4 - 2019

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