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Christianity Mainly Saw Jesus as God, Others As Man, and Still Others As Teacher but Never a God

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The Father of Jesus is the only One True God. And he has only one person—not three.

As the son of the king shares in the ‘royalty’ of his father but not in his father’s person, so do Jesus and the Holy Spirit share in the ‘divinity’ of God, but not in God’s person.

God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit are three distinct and separate persons sharing in one divinity, with the Father of Jesus as being the “Almighty God,” Jesus as being the “Divine Son of God,” and the Holy Spirit as being the “Divine Spirit of God.”

Another thing, Jesus is inherently divine—not human. He is divine made man, not man made divine.
And even during the time that he was living in the world as man, his divinity was yet all perfectly intact with him as God’s Son.


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