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Award-winning author Scott Mackay’s "fast-paced action adventure” depicts the story of a struggle for liberty against unknown captors—and a fight for survival in an unknown world…(The Washington Post).

Young Felicitas has woken in a prison cell—unable to remember how she got there.

She doesn’t know where the prison is—except that it is most definitely not on Earth. And she has no idea why all the other prisoners walk around in a daze. In dreams, she is forced to relive crimes she cannot remember committing.

Felicitas soon notices that the mechanized sentries surveilling the inmates are breaking down. The automated system is collapsing, putting everybody at risk. Along with some others who have awakened out of their daze, Felicitas sees a chance to escape.

Yet the harsh penal world she and her fellow fugitives escape to is as fraught with danger as the now perilously malfunctioning prison. And it turns out there is much more at stake than just a prison break. As those stakes become clear, Felicitas must choose between freedom, imprisonment, the human race, and history itself.

Driven by “an intriguing puzzle scenario and tense prison action,” this thrilling novel of sci-fi suspense promises to keep readers guessing and gasping until the final truth is revealed (Kirkus).

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