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Christianity Turned God and Jesus Into a Religion, Never to Meddle in State Affairs, Much Less Rule the World

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Having treated God as a religion, Christianity has effectively made God irrelevant to the material world.

God is LIFE, not RELIGION. Where there is life, there is God. Where there is no life, God is there to give life. And it is primarily because of the lack of life in the world that God sent his only begotten Son: Not to condemn the world, but to give it life.

Furthermore, we cannot lock up God and Jesus in church and confine them within the bounds of spirituality, never to meddle in the political affairs of men. All the affairs in the world are God’s. A separation of church and state is a separation of God from his people. God, Jesus, and the people of the world are inseparably one.

Lastly, we often say God is Almighty. Yet, if he is Almighty, why is it the self-seeking men in sheep’s clothing who are at the helm ruling the world—and not God? God must rule the world! From his Mission shall arise “NEW CAESARS” to renew the world. New Caesars, New World!


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