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By the firelight, a mysterious storyteller weaves a captivating tale of sea journeys, vampire women, and Aboriginal Dreaming. Around the campfire the gold diggers listen and journey with George as he plunges underground to rescue his ship's captain from the horrific and mesmerising vampire woman.

Jangamuttuk, the Master of the Ghost Dreaming, sends his son, George, to rescue Wadawaka from the 'ghost' vampire woman who has taken him as her 'Dark Lord' and imprisoned him in her underground kingdom. Will George, in either his human form or as his Dreaming animal-self Dingo, be able to withstand Amelia's powers; will he survive the underground caverns; can he tear Wadawaka and himself from the violent but seductive power of the vampire woman? And who is the strange but familiar ghost woman accompanying the new colonial governor?

Underground is the 3rd in the Master of The Ghost Dreaming quartet, beautifully and insistently portrays the enduring reality of Aboriginal Dreaming in a fascinating story of initiation, maternal longing, and colonial violence.

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