Commanding the Night

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Commanding the Night

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The secret of life is in coded in the word of God and nature. Behind everything God created there is a mystery and a purpose. God made night for man to rest from his labor and also to have access to interact with the celestial realms for divine secrets and direction. Every creation of God is a living thing and consequently, respond to sound or command.
One of the secrets of life is commanding the night. See, for any man to be in charge in the day he must have been in charge in the night. Your night determines your day. Events of the night when you’re asleep control the activities of your day. Men and women of the night rule the world today because they understand that the spiritual activities of the night control the events of the day. The night is the highest peak of spiritual activities. Whatever controls your nights controls your days. If you are not in control of your night, you cannot be in control of your day. Spiritual activities that take place when you are asleep in the night govern your life and your days.
This book is written to enlighten you about the power of the night and how to use it to transform your life. In this book you will learn:
1. the power of the night
2. how to command the night for divine encounter

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