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The Heart-Home Builder: Cultivating an Inner Sanctuary With Christ Amid Life’s Difficulties

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We all have struggles in life that interrupt our feelings of peace. Burdens weigh heavy on us and we ache for a sense of refuge, hope, and belonging. In the midst of this exploration, a promise reaches out from the gospel: Jesus tells us that when we welcome him into our hearts, he will draw near and make his home with us (John 14:23). But what if this heart-space was something more of a heart-home? In The Heart-Home Builder, author Rachel Braunscheidel ponders what a heart-home is and how we can cultivate one even in the midst of life’s difficulties. Rachel shares her own experiences with chronic illness and invites you into the hope she’s found despite this pain. It is an invitation and an adventure to find deep hope, grace, and belonging right in the center of our souls.

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