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Blood for Her

175 pages2 hours


Chloe is happy that Darice has proposed to her. She has everything she could possibly want until a stalker makes her his next target. Hoping it’s all in her mind, she delays in telling Darice, not wanting to be caged.

A near fatal attack leaves her with little choice and Darice is willing to do whatever it takes to smoke this would-be killer out and take his life.

As if dealing with a stalker isn’t enough, Chloe’s family decides it's time to meet Darice, setting her further on edge. It’s the last thing she wants when her happiness with Darice fills her heart so completely because she knows her family won’t approve.

But the stalker makes a final move tearing Chloe’s concerns from her family to survival. Will her life be forfeit before she can experience the job of being Darice’s wife?

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