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Facing the Battles of Life, 21 Daily Devotions and Powerful Prayers to ensure Breakthrough, Healing and Total Protection: from your enemies, Evil attacks, Satanic Attacks, Spiritual Attacks, Witchcraft Attacks, Works of the Devil:

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Beloved, the time has come to put an end to the Devil tricks and strategies. The Devil has destroyed so many lives and in addition, leads them to hellfire. The purpose of this book is to expose the Devil tricks and strategies so that you don't fall into His temptations any more.  Beloveth, have you come across the following in your entire life?
Have you been deceived in one way or the other?
Do you at times doubt God or sometimes you feel discouraged?
Do you at times feel dejected or unwanted?
Have you ridiculed in one way or the other?
Have you been intimidated?
Have you been threatened by anyone either in the dream or physical?
Do you feel confused most of the time?
Do you feel like going away from the Lord as a believer?
Are you always afraid?
Do you attend Church that preaches false doctrine?
Do you misinterpret Gods words to your advantage?
Do you forget Gods love?
Do you feel like not praying or you are tired of praying
Do you experience a delay in answer to your prayers
Do you sometimes feel frustrated and you believe that you cannot achieve your destiny?
Is there anything you worship that keeps you in bondage?
Do you commit sins regularly, despite your repentance, yet you find it difficult to avoid sin?
Do you enjoy lying or you are addicted to it?
Do you always disagree with your heart or you don't follow your heart?
Are you evil or your heart is full of evil?
Do you enjoy all sorts of an evil act?
Do you sometimes face evil attacks, Satanic attacks, Witchcraft attacks and attacks from your enemy?
Do you belong to any or all of the above, then, this book is for you.

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