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Ghost Dancer (Original title Sweet Hitchhiker)

368 pages5 hours


This book is for readers 18 years of age and up.

This book is not erotic but contains material that may not be suitable for readers under 18.

This novel was originally released under the title Sweet Hitchhiker. I retitled this second edition Ghost Dancer because it's more fitting to the story.

Originally released through a publisher as a five-book novella series, I'm pleased to offer the entire series as one full-length novel, completely reedited and revised.

A fictional modern day Native American Romantic Suspense written in contemporary style with a unique paranormal twist.

Watch out for the Rain Riders! Thundering in from the clouds, these spirits of vengeance will steal your soul if you get in their way!

Summoned by a Ghost Dancer from the spirit world, a retired military specialist's plans take a drastic turn when she's chosen by Nagi to save the land stolen from her Lakota parents. What Shye discovers upon her return from the Air Force can't possibly be legal.

After seeking guidance from the spirits of her Native American ancestors, Shye receives the ability to shift into her shadow. While in silhouette form, she has the power to assume the identity of others by absorbing their shadows for a short time. What she does with this gift turns a quiet town upside down and one man's life into utter chaos.

Trip Viper has been hunting the man responsible for his brother's death. The last thing on his mind is women—until a stunning raven-haired vixen charms him into giving her a ride out of town. His instant attraction to her lures him into a mesmerizing world of spirits and supernatural events. When old nemesis Pike Draven rolls into town, Trip prepares to make his move. Pike's increasing interest in Shye gives Trip more than one reason to see the man dead.

In a page-turning whodunit tale of betrayal and suspense, the villains continually shift until the very end. Only the Rain Riders blazing in from the Dakota skies on fiery black horses have the power to stop them, and a spiritual Ghost Dancer summons the rare shadow shifter to lead the way!

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