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Tiger's Heart: Nightfair Shifters, #1

164 pages2 hours


Stalkers and secrets can kill …

As a tiger shifter, Eileen Donnovan is used to handling her own problems. When a powerful member of her pack starts stalking her, she has nowhere to turn. If she tells anyone about his attention, her family will be in danger.

Jace Peters never imagined doing a favor for Caleb Donnovan, his best friend, would turn into a life-altering event. When he meets Caleb's sister, Eileen, she immediately intrigues—and attracts—him.

Something's going on with her, and if he doesn't solve that mystery soon, more than just this tiger's heart could be at stake.

He must protect her at all costs. Trust is hard to build, but keeping secrets could destroy them both.

Jace is a Nightfair mercenary, and they always take care of business.

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