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This book is the complete

Victorious series. The whole Collection.

So you get 11 books in 1 bundle.

They are :

book Build your Fortune

book Moneymaker

book Recipe for Happiness

book the Lifebuoy for banks

'' loyal banking ''

book the Ultimate Winning Strategy

for entrepreneurs

book Poems, jokes and book

book Victory

book Victory II

book Always employment & always money

in your pocket, every day

book Things that you Don't want to know

book Establishment Hajro,

the conglomerate

Perhaps I'll trow in a mystery book,

as a bonus.

As an extra bonus,

we'll start by giving you a

prelude of book Victory III

Which will be released at

july 6th 2022.

In this TEASERpreview you get to read a prelude of Victory III

You get to read the first half of 5 different books

And discover the Free gift for joining the Victorious fanClub

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