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No Coincidence, a PJ Mystery

296 pages4 hours


When Abby Chase takes her dog, PJ, for a hike on a remote Wyoming cattle ranch, PJ finds a human bone. With her life already in shambles, Abby convinces herself the bone belongs to an elk, until she sees a poster about a hunter missing for the past year. Abby returns to the woods to take a picture of the bone, beginning a string of events that place her and PJ in increasing danger. A killer and a poacher are stalking the ranch, and when trouble finds her, Abby must face her fears or leave the ranch.

Abby wants to be a metalsmith like her aunt, but if she doesn’t find a place to live soon, she and PJ, will be living out of her car. The divorce her husband insisted on is almost final, and her part-time waitressing job isn’t working out. Then PJ finds the bone, and Abby becomes embroiled in the investigation.

A young woman with no one to turn to, she must form friendships with the cowboys and waitresses who work on the ranch, including one who is jealous of Abby's time spent with the handsome wrangler. While cooking with antique cast iron and working on her jewelry projects, Abby does her best to solve the crimes and keep PJ and herself safe.

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