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The Djinn's Desire: Mates for Monsters

139 pages1 hour


She's not sure which she should fear more — loving a genie, or setting one free.

Tanika's life has been ruled by one thing—keeping her djinn from killing again. Her family is dead because of her, and the only thing protecting the world from a djinn's evil magic is her unfulfilled wish for love and a family. Remaining a virgin seems like a small price to pay for that, right?

When an ultra-hot guy comes into her shop for a palm-reading and asks for a date, it's never been harder to tell a guy no. Ophir's sultry gaze promises wicked pleasure and his kisses make her body ache for more. Maybe a little taste won't hurt…

But her new suitor has a secret she never expected, and Tanika finds herself on the wrong side of a magic she never knew she possessed.

Can she make her wish come true? Or will evil magic get the better of her?

Content warning: Explicit love scenes and seductive magic. Intended for mature audiences.

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