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McALISTER'S WAY VOLUME 10 - Free Serialisation Download

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MCALISTER’S WAY FREE Volume 10 - Weekly Serialisation Chapters 18 — 19
A Young Adult Action and Adventure Story for Baby Boomers

Chapter 18
So many ex-servicemen, especially those who’ve seen combat or been wounded are now diagnosed with PTSD, some people feel it may be a band-wagon in many cases. PTSD manifests itself in so many different ways how can anyone judge what is a genuine case or simply a bad day. I have a completely irrational reaction to crashing kitchenware, bicycle bells and I’m rubbish as a car passenger all of which may be PTSD symptoms. So many Vietnam vets were unable to re-assimilate after coming home many went back to SE Asia where they felt more at ease.

Chapter 19
One mystery of WWII is revealed in this chapter — well it’s a possibility I couldn’t let pass by. Sometimes the joy of writing a historical novel is the actual events were so exciting, you just place your characters in the middle of it all and let the story tell itself. What was the mystery? Well there’s only one way to find out - and it's FREE. So what are you waiting for…………
FORMATS: ePub, Kindle & PDF

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