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Bullets Before Dawn: Murder in Chinatown

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It’s the year 1949. The war is over. NYC Detective Johnny Vero has been promoted to Lieutenant partly as a result for capturing the serial killer, Jean-Paul Vincent in France the previous year with the help of Interpol. (Taken from the first novel in this series: Ten Cents a Dance.) Griff, a one-time freight ship captain now smuggles opium and Chinese women for prostitution into New York’s Chinatown. Chinatown’s boss, Mo China, is only allowed to keep his operation flowing from Griff’s deliveries by the say-so of a crime boss, Alvise LaPoshio. Molly Penett, the first woman to be elected NYC’s District Attorney, works with Detective Vero and form an erotic relationship. Murders are mounting quickly as suspicions  includes the Chinatown factions, undercover detectives, and the Medical Examiner’s office. In steps the FBI.

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