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Bones of the Gods
Bones of the Gods
Bones of the Gods
Ebook807 pages13 hours

Bones of the Gods

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About this ebook

Sanyel, shaman of the Sakita and alleged hand of the sun god, has agreed to investigate the bizarre circumstances surrounding the vanishing of a past acquaintance’s wife and daughter. A recurring cryptic image, elusive suspects, strange devices, and an ever-expanding mystery have Sanyel and her adventurous companions often perplexed as they head deeper into danger to uncover a secret hidden for thousands of years.

Release dateJan 28, 2019
Bones of the Gods
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Michael Puttonen

Michael Puttonen is a Minnesota native and writer of action/adventure novels with a touch of fantasy. He honed his craft writing short stories before expanding into writing full-length adventure novels. Always an avid reader, his tastes include an eclectic variety of genres and styles that encompass storytellers both past and present. As a writer, he feels an affinity for action and adventure and loves fantasy for the freedom it offers in creating alternate worlds. His direct influences include the pulp fantasy of E.R. Burroughs and the historical fiction of Bernard Cornwell. His SANYEL series features the adventures of a young, gifted female shaman as she confronts a male-dominated world. This ongoing series currently includes the books SANYEL, DISRUPTER, CIRCLES AND STONES, and BONES OF THE GODS.

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