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The Blizzard

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Beth Boghosian, a young teacher, is trapped in her car during a blizzard. With her gas gage dipping and her cell phone not working, she abandons her car and wades through the snow until she reaches a house. After pounding on the door, she collapses into the arms of Tommy Hebb, a writer, who opens it. When the governor declares a state of emergency which forbids all travel and lasts a week, they develop a friendship. Tommy would like to take it to the next level; there is, however, one problem--Harry Nazarian, her fiancé.
When Tommy learns that Harry, a modern-day Svengali, is abusing Beth, he sets out to find what her fiancé is holding over her head and why she puts up with him. In so doing, he discovers a lot about her past and decides to fight for her love and affection. In a driveway scuffle with Harry, he emerges victorious thanks to some help from Beth and his mother.

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