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Liver and Diseases, A Simple Guide To The Condition, Diagnosis, Treatment And Updated Treatments

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This book describes Liver and Diseases, Diagnosis and Updated Treatments.
My liver is the largest solid organ in my body
It cleans my blood of all the toddy
My liver helps me by taking toxins out of the blood.
And detoxifies them from the food mud

It processes the good stuff that my body ingests
Into forms that the rest of the body will digest
It stores energy in the form of a sugar
Called glycogen kept like a treasure

My liver also breaks down protein
Into amino acids from meat and beans
Fats are digested by the hepatic bile
And sent to the intestine in a while

The liver also produces the cholesterol
Which become the male and female hormones all
But do not put the liver to the test
Avoid harmful stuff, poisons and the rest.

Waste or stuff that the body does not need
Will be removed by the feces at great speed
The liver helps with blood clotting
Factors which help you stop bleeding

A toast to my liver not with alcohol
But with pure water that is a cure-all
To the one that has kept me alive
You have helped me to survive

Hepatitis is an acute inflammatory liver disease
Hepatitis infection can occur in people of all ages.
Hepatitis A and B are food-borne viruses that infects the cells of the liver
Hepatitis A and B infections often occur from an infected food handler or giver

Hepatitis A may be passed through infected food exposure
Rarely through hemodialysis in patients with kidney failure
The Hepatitis A virus is excreted in feces with contaminated water transmission
And contaminated food (shellfish, cockle shells) and poor sanitation

Many people with viral hepatitis feel very sick and weak.
There is jaundice, loss of appetite and fatigue
There is also fever, nausea and vomiting
Together with pale colored stools and dark urine
Most people with Hepatitis A will recover from their illness.
Hepatitis A patients seldom get any serious or chronic sickness
Bed rest, oral fluid and carbohydrate diet will help recovery
Recovery is usual within 6 weeks with no damage to the body

Hepatitis B and C may be passed through intravenous drug exposure
Blood exchange through hemodialysis in patients with kidney failure
Accidental needle stick injury may occur with body-piercing,
There is a small risk from re-used equipment used for tattooing

Many people with acute hepatitis B and C feel entirely well.
The immune system does not remove the virus from its cells
Eighty per cent will carry the virus in the liver
Twenty per cent of Hepatitis B can become severe

When that happens, the liver may develop cirrhosis.
It is important to constantly monitor the hepatitis
Treatment of chronic Hepatitis B and C is with antiviral medication
Treatment should be given only if tests show active inflammation.

-An original poem by Kenneth Kee

Toxic Hepatitis is caused by work related chemicals and medicines

Autoimmune Hepatitis is one of the causes of chronic active hepatitis

Liver Cirrhosis is a chronic liver disease where the normal liver tissue is replaced by bands of fibrous scar tissue separating nodules of regenerated liver cells.

Non Alcoholic Fatty Liver disease is a medical disorder where there are fat deposits inside the liver which may prevent the liver from removing toxins from the blood.

Liver cancer is one of most dangerous cancer because the liver detoxifies a lot of poisons in the body.
Once the liver is damaged the organ can shut down together with the heart and brain.
Any liver cancer is dangerous and need to be treated urgently.
Liver transplant is still the best treatment for liver cancer if there is no spread.
The major causes of Liver Cancer Hepatitis B and C infections.

Chapter 1 The Liver
Chapter 2 Diseases

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