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Pretending To Be In Love.

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Pretending To Be In Love Is a story of love and deception. Sedrick is a young man who had completed university coursework and wishing to have a bright future with a committed woman of his life. All he has ever wanted was to be employed in one of the best in California. He achieved his aim and a way was paved for him to also establish his own business. Sedrick became the business owner of Innovative Technologies Company. One day on a business to Spain, Sedrick finds his love and promised to be with her for the rest of his life.
Tribulations and temptation begins to beckoned him. on his way for a business conference as the chief executive officer of the company that was making strides and transforming the world met an old-time friend Johnson at the airport who gave hi, a parcel of Narcotic Drug and was arrested.
Sedrick and other leaders of the conference tried to set him free but to no avail. Now Sedrick is sentenced to prison for 8 years. Betty became too much frustrated and depressed as result of the pressure that her parents and friends alike were mounting on her to get married. In a locked state of mind, Betty assumed that Sedrick has abandoned her for another woman or perhaps he is dead. After seven years of endless waiting Betty falls in love again with Jayson.
Sedrick has served his full prison sentence and therefore has been released from imprisonment and he comes out to hear that Betty is getting married. Is Betty going to continue with the marriage or reconcile with Sedrick.

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