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Ridirean Solas

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In an age forgotten by men, when the Dwarves still mined the earth and the Elves and Fairies guarded the forests and waters of the surface, an ancient evil threatens the land of Eradon. Mortal men have dabbled in dark magic and created a race of cruel and brutal beasts called Blood Spawn, but their creation soon turns against them coming under the control of an exiled Asgardian general in league with Surt. If there is any hope for survival the Dwarves must join forces with the Elves, Mages, Humans and Fairies of the surface to face the blight of the Blood Spawn and their Muspelheim powered leader Porconapin.
To face such power the united forces of Eradon create an elite force of gifted warriors, The Ridirean Solas. To become Ridirean they must ingest the poisonous blood of the Blood Spawn and enter the Solas pool where their natural gifts are enhanced, but will it be enough to overcome the blight and save Eradon?

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