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Inked Angels MC



A Perfect Vow is book 9 in the Inked Angels MC series. The Prequel - Book 10 are available everywhere now!

Prequel: Escort
Book 1: A Sinful Vow
Book 2: A Wicked Vow
Book 3: A Dirty Vow
Book 4: A Secret Vow
Book 5: A Dark Vow
Book 6: A Forbidden Vow
Book 7: A Broken Vow
Book 8: A Troubled Vow
Book 9: A Perfect Vow
Book 10: Cross Your Heart

She’s a fragile little thing. I just might break her.

I thought I’d seen the last of her.

Rose had run from danger, right into my bed.

It didn’t take long before she was moaning my name.

But you can’t outrun your shadow.

When the devils of my past catch up, they take her away from me.

I’d hunt them down, but there’s a war going on, and my club needs me home.

Back in Texas, I follow the thread of betrayal that threatens to shatter my world.

I should’ve known it would lead me back to her.

This time, though, she’s on an auction block.

I may be the one doing the bidding, but the bastards who stole her will pay the ultimate price.

There’s no other girl I’d fight through hell for.

This one’s different —

She’s carrying my baby.

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