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Tales of a Dragon



"Mystery. Southern-Spain-like setting. Sailing. That's Attack on Shadowkeep."

"Attack on what?"

"Attack on Shadowkeep and before that was the description, Rochelle."


"Why, what's wrong with it?"

"What's wrong! Well, it's just a pack of words stuck together. I think we've got to tell readers a bit more about the story than that, father."

"Shouldn't we be hiding the plot and not giving it away?"

"Sure, but we still have to tell people something about the story. First of all, tell them Attack on Shadowkeep follows The Enchanted Shield. That's number one. Are you listening to me? Then we need to say something about—"

"I don't think we ought to give away the plot. I'm sure about that."

"Don't say anything about Shadowkeep then?"


"All right, Mr. Don't-Give-away-the-Story. I won't. In that case, what you said earlier might just work, if we added a few more things. What was it again? Sailing, Spain, and some other things. Right?"

"Ay, that's it."

"Well, we could say: Loss of memory. Mystery. Setting like southern Spain. Pirates. A quest to save someone. Sailing. And even stranger places. That's Attack on Shadowkeep, good reader."

"Why, you're right, Rochelle! It's sounding better already. Why didn't I ask you before?"

"Because you think you know everything, Mister. All right, let's get a pen and paper and write it all down before we forget!"

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