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New Life, No Sex, What Now? Straight Talk About Sex and Celibacy

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Lust and temptation are rampant in our world, but casual sex is no small matter.  It's serious business!

Celibacy has become the road less traveled, but what? Why aren't more people-even Christians-willing to wait? And what about those that don't plan to marry?  Is sex off limits to them forever?

Have you ever wondered about celibacy? Are you looking for a book that "tells it like it is?" Well, this is it! Nine womend share their experiences with sex and celibacy and answer the questions most people are too embarrased to ask.

Although the book is an honest conversation of women, it is also a tool for men to understand why women act the way that they do.

There is nothing sugarcoated in these pages.  So stray up your boots and let's walk the path called celibacy.

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