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Loki Ragnarok: The Viking Armageddon retold by the trickster

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Who says Thor’s a good guy?

An epic revision of the Norse myth of apocalypse

They broke into his home. They left his wife bound and gagged on the floor, where she choked and died. They kidnapped his children. He had trusted them, helped them. The gods of Asgard betrayed him.

Marvel has it all wrong. Loki is neither a fool, nor ambitious, nor a “good guy” waiting for redemption.
He was willing to destroy everything to make them pay.

Based on the Prose and Poetic Eddas of Norse mythology, LOKI RAGNAROK is the Viking Armageddon retold by the trickster.

Developed as a spoken-word performance by author Mark Binder, LOKI RAGNAROK was released as an audiobook, followed by hardcover library and ebook editions.

It begins with Loki, chained to a boulder, listening for the trumpet that will announce the end of the world. In the shadow of prophecy, his family is torn asunder, leading to betrayal, torture, madness and revenge.

“For nearly a thousand years, the tale of Ragnarok – the Norse myth of Apocalypse – has painted Loki as a Satan-like evil. With a fast-paced blend of prose and poetry, award-winning author Mark Binder offers an epic revision of the Eddas with modern resonance.”
– Duval, Between Myth, Lies, and History

“A well-told tale of the Norse gods.… Binder’s voice swoops and soars, now angry, now gleeful and now mocking, as Loki tells stories of the gods run amok.” — Providence Journal

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