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Taking it up the Blindside

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What goes on tour, stays on tour...UNTIL NOW!

All, and I do mean all, rugby players the world over are from the same mould. They are friendly, convivial, generally well mannered, muscular, motivated, heavy drinkers with a high testosterone level, but above all trustworthy...Until now. This treacherous author has let the pussy out of the bag and touring is no longer a simple visa permit from the wife.

From the author, Jon Prichard:

"I joined the British Club of Bangkok and immersed myself if their rugby team becoming captain for a few years and then as a playing and moaning Chairman. The BC and an Asian based Rhino’s RFC have taken me on innumerable rugby tours throughout Asia and beyond and in late 2017 I decided to make some written tales of those adventures. The tales are true and risqué in every way and some are seriously adult reading. There are also tales of simple experiences of living and working in Asia, but most have a rugby flavour."

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