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Garden of Chaos

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Beware of the Final Exam!

In a countdown towards cerebral conversion, a college student must decide: shall he wager his freedom—and his life?

Gauge Alabaster, freshman at Madian State University, makes one mistake. By joining an alley cat-racing ring, he unexpectedly plunges into a brutal turf war with the Ninjas of the Bronze Dragon Clan.

Finding refuge in the steam tunnels, Gauge descends into an even larger underworld of fanatical mobs, demented professors, clown attorneys, and criminal pop stars.

With the help of an unlikely team of misfits, Gauge fights against the mysterious forces that conspire to censor his thoughts and manipulate his mind.

Inspired by the lectures of psychologist Jordan B. Peterson, Garden of Chaos is rich with coming-of-age philosophy, cultural allusions, gallows humor, and biting political commentary. Plus it's way more fun than your average English Lit assignment.

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