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Your Cavity Free Life: An Easy, Step-By-Step Blueprint to Being Cavity Free for Life

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You CAN prevent cavities and gum disease—you just need to know HOW!
Introducing the book that has the potential to change the way we treat oral health around the world.

Did you know that 9 out of 10 people aren't caring for their teeth properly? It's not their fault; oral health education is something we should have been taught in school, but unfortunately, we weren't. Dr. Zachary Tilden knows how to care for teeth because he does it for a living as a dentist; he's seen and treated some of the worst cavity cases up close. Outside of his work as a cosmetic dentist, he has devoted hundreds of hours to to study and practice of modern research-based prevention techniques to help people avoid cavities and gum disease.

Your Cavity Free Life is the culmination of the tips and techniques that he has learned over the course of his career, neatly packaged so anyone can learn to prevent cavities and gum disease for life. Dr. Zack created the "3 Pillars of Prevention" as a step-by-step blueprint for cavity prevention and has successfully shared it with his patients to allow them to take back control of their dental health. People that historically were getting cavities every year have closed that chapter of their life by putting Dr. Zack's "3 Pillars of Prevention" blueprint into action.

Whether you want to reclaim a bright smile to last for years or if you want to help your children build healthy dental habits early on, this is the book for you. The mission of Dr. Zack and the CFL Organization is simple: they aim to improve lives through better oral health education. Dr. Zack strongly believes that improving one's oral health can have overreaching benefits to other areas of their life besides general health. A bright, healthy smile can mean getting that new job, finding a soul mate, being more successful in business, making new friends, etc. It all stems back to self-confidence; having a smile you can proudly show off is one way to get there.

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