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My NatureFull Journey: Discussion Guide

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Grab your NatureFull Devotional and get ready to dive even deeper! The long awaited accompaniment to NatureFull: The 21 Day Devotional by Lauren Juliette Ramos has arrived! Now in addition to 21 days of devotional on God's perspective of health and wellness, now you can supplement your NatureFull Journey with discussion guides for each day of the devotional that you can complete alone for personal introspection, or with a partner, and even in a small group! Have a workout buddy, or a prayer partner? Dive deeper into your relationship with God and with your understanding of yourself in relationship to health and wellness. What are your triggers? How can you maintain your healthy changes and lifestyle choices? Reflect and grow in all this and so much more over 21 days alongside your devotional for the full NatureFull experience.

Now we know... the way we eat, rest, and move can reflect Jesus. You were created in the image of God-His nature reflected in every area of your life, including your health. Wanting to improve your health and wellness should come from a place of loving yourself and the body God handcrafted and gave to you. Let's go on a journey of discovering how our physical health and our spiritual health are intricately laced together, particularly in the eyes of God. Take your NatureFull Journey to the next level with this discussion guide!

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