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Who is Jesus?

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First book of the collection The Most Extraordinary Man of All History:

More than two thousand years ago, the most extraordinary man of all time was born, who guided humanity to follow a religious and ethical path. Considering that the life, works, teachings and legacy of Jesus are so spectacular, the following questions have arisen: Who is Jesus? Did Jesus exist?

Although He has been subjected to strong scrutiny (during the last four centuries, in the three searches of the historical Jesus) and some skeptical researchers question or deny his existence, the vast majority of scholars and researchers accept the existence of the historical Jesus. Some even state that it would have been impossible to invent Him.

Additionally, Jesus proclaimed himself as the Son of Man, identifying as the biblical Messiah, and also surprised by not leaving written documents, attending to various strategic reasons.

Despite the debates for and against the existence of Jesus, what is clear is that his legacy is undeniable and the good Christian is distinguished by being an exemplary and virtuous person, fulfilling his obligations to society and God.

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