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The first volume of a brand new quarterly series of storytelling excellence, Pulptastic Adventures Quarterly will tackle a new theme each month from a variety of stories. This premier issue examines Intersections between the fantastic and the mundane, between the real world and the cinematic one, between cosmic reaching science fiction and mind-blasting cosmic horror. These stories introduce characters caught in the midst of a transition and delivers pulse pounding plots.

In C. C. Blake's "The Nubile Nymphs of Venus," man of action Chuck Cave finds himself on a poverty row movie set in the 1970s, watching a sleazy science fiction picture getting made. He's not a fan, however. He's guarding the girls playing the spicy aliens. Some directed accidents have been targeting members of the cast and crew, and Chuck is on the case trying to find out who is responsible. Can he solve this mystery before someone gets killed?

Daniel R. Robichaud's "In My Father's House There Are Many Doors" blasts off to the distant reaches of space to find an interstellar trader getting the short end of a double cross deal only to wind up trapped in a doomed domicile. There are doors in the universe, which serve as the transition between one chamber and another, and there are doors that open up to sanity-blasting cosmic truths best left uncovered.

Finally, Kaysee Renee Robichaud brings us a glimpse of the alien spheres and what music can be made, what passions can be unlocked, and what sexual thrills can be explored. These are all tied to the Rocking Rule performance from a mysterious alien being "Born Under a Wand'ring Star."

Each volume of the Pulptastic Adventures Quarterly anthology series will deliver pulpy fun and thrilling stories. This inaugural issue features over 20,000 words of fiction for a low, low price.

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