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The God's Wife: The God's Wife #1

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Forgotten princess. Rebel general. Rival queen.

How does a teenaged princess who rallies her country into a revolution against her famously brilliant sister and one of history's greatest military geniuses get lost to the shadows of time? Only one whose sister is named Cleopatra...

In 51 BC, the Greek Ptolemaic dynasty has ruled Egypt for nearly three hundred years despite generations of betrayal amongst the clever and cruel Ptolemies. The old pharaoh has died, leaving his throne to his joint heirs: Ptolemy XIII and the young king's older sister, the indomitable Cleopatra. As a clash of personalities and ambitions hurdles the ancient kingdom towards crisis, the warring factions of the court are blinded to the fact that there are more than two royal children in this dangerous family...

Princess Arsinoë has spent her childhood roaming the kaleidoscope world of cosmopolitan Alexandria, content to avoid the endless wars of the palace by living more in her head than in the often unsettling real world. But when the mysterious gods of her beloved homeland enter her dreams, calling on her to defend Egypt from the fury of the dynasty and the arrival of an even greater threat in the form of Julius Caesar, Arsinoë finds herself increasingly drawn into an escalating maelstrom of intrigue and violence that she must learn to navigate to save all that she holds dear…

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