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The Sick & Tired Manual

39 pages26 minutes


Are You "Sick & Tired" of Being Sick & Tired?

You Can Regain Your Health with an 8 Step "Get Well" Program!

Are you truly healthy, or are you just "alive?" Are you "sick and tired" of being sick and tired? While major illnesses like cancer and heart disease climb to epidemic levels, millions more suffer almost continual minor illnesses -- colds, flu, allergies, sinus problems, fatigue, depression, indigestion, and more. So how do we get into this "sick and tired" state, and how do we reclaim our health? This brief book explains what really causes disease (and it's not germs) plus an eight-step "Get Well" program encompassing physical, emotional and spiritual ingredients of health.

You Will Discover:

Why "germs" are NOT the primary cause of disease The role and causes of nutrient deficiencies The primary cause of sickness Sources of toxins and how to get rid of them Eight simple steps to get well

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