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Making A Mistress: Book Four: Hooked

547 pages8 hours


When Collette Hemming goes to the New York City House, she encounters a House Mistress who is cold, calculating, and undeniably sexy. But, Mistress Melara White has it out for the sweet young Switch and will do anything to provoke her. But Master Sebastian Crown brought her there to play the game, and she will not let him down. She teaches new tricks to the old dogs of New York.

Her adventures take her to the grand opening of the Shanghai House. Her boyfriend, Master Jeremy Flynn, still treats her like a novice and her best friend seems to doubt her, too. Time to put on a show. Collette pushes her limits and finds new ones at the hands of Mistress Gigi and No One. They leave her lost and wanting.

The girl, who notoriously plans everything, finds herself unexpectedly in Miami and finds some pleasant surprises. When she comes home, her other boyfriend, Gino Poggioli, has something new in store for her. Her birthday is coming, and so is she.

After a debauched weekend, reality comes calling, along with friends Collette didn't know Jeremy had. Not matter what happens, she's Hooked.

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