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Destiny of Demons

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The Return of Demons

When demons begin to walk the streets of America, Destiny is sought for her bloodline for a precarious journey to dimensions beyond the Veil.
Armed with only the ruby her grand mother left her and her bold, strong will, Destiny faces a world full of dangers, both human, magical, and demonic. When djinns and a princely devil try to help her, Destiny’s only too eager to have them in her army.
But Destiny’s about to learn that not everyone and everything is what they appear...

A future America

With demons causing havoc in the world, China is more bolder than ever. Destiny races against time to arm herself with knowledge for her own survival. America races in its love affair with technology to survive the evil Chinese and their global conquest of Earth.
But none of them know what changes demons and magic will cause...

Lux Tenebris

Destiny's convinced that the answers she needs can only be found in the Demon lands. When she finds a chance to explore new dimensions in strange lands, she feels like the adventure of her life..
But it quickly turns out that she may have a past not even she knows about...

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