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Doctor Bell Anthology Tinnitus Terror Tales

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Is Doctor Bell really the Best Tinnitus Cure Researcher in the world?
He has the trophy to prove it displayed in his office.
But due to iron clad confidentiality agreements, nobody knows much about this optimistic psychopath or his human experiments.
How far is Bell willing to go to find the tinnitus cure?
tinnitus \\ \\
currently incurable condition of the ear(s) in millions of people who hear a noise or sound sensation in the absence of an outside sound source
terror \ter.ror\
extreme fear or a person who causes extreme fear
tales \tales\
a recital of events told as a long story of woe
psychopath \psy.cho.path\
a person with a personality disorder characterized by amoral behaviour, lack of empathy or remorse, boastfulness, extreme self-centeredness, and failure to learn from experience
study \stud.dy\
a piece of work done for practice or as an experiment

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