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Mayhen: A Twisted Hearts Love Story

277 pages4 hours


***This is a standalone book.***

****Second Chance Story***

What happens when a hot alpha Marine falls for a working mom? Mayhem!

***Dark Romance***


I don't need much.
As the right-hand man to the mob boss,
I have everything I need.
Women, money, power.

I've seen too much,
Hurt too long to want anything more.

But when I hear the screams,
I go into overdrive,
Driven to help a woman in need.

What I didn't realize is she was going to save me.


There's no "happily-ever-after."
There's only heartache and pain.
I learned that the hard way.

Now, I have one goal: protect my daughter.
But when the rugged and sexy man saves me,
All I want is to bolt.
After all, I've got enough to deal with right now.

But a chance encounter proves me wrong.
Can we find a way to find love in the middle of mayhem?


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