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Planet Dead: Planet Dead, #1

245 pages3 hours


When the world goes to hell in a zombie handbasket, you find out that true evil hides among the living! 

"Michonne of The Walking Dead and Selina from 28 Days Later have a new heroine to welcome to the club in Catherine"- Horror, Sci-Fi, & More!

Former Army Lieutenant Catherine Briggs is having a messed up year. Her car got stolen. Her family thinks she's dead. She's got a blonde shadow that she can't shake. Oh, and did I forget to tell you she's in the middle of a zombie-infested Georgia! Catherine's Mission is clear, find her family, no matter the cost. Flesh-eating zombies, Killer Clowns, and fate look to send that mission straight to hell in this first installment of Planet Dead!


This series contains:
Bad language
Stomach wrenching gore
And a lot of zombie kills
It's not for everyone, tell your Mama that!


If You Love Z Nation, Night of The Comet, and Slow Burn, Then You'll Love This Book! 

Book One In The Planet Dead Series
Planet Dead 2
Planet Dead One Shot: The Briggs Boys
Available in eBook & Paperback

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