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To Achieve The Impossible Dream: The 2nd Edition

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I instantaneously took a bitter - acid bite of New York City's Big Apple. My first step had favored me with a ride on the Greyhound Bus. But my life changed drastically, for the worse. My second step led me to live on the street. I became a homeless vagrant, in the greatest city in the world. The epoch of my ordeal appeared an eon long; yet, time passed swiftly. For one solid year, I ate nothing cooked by fire. The only weapon I possessed was my vital power of intellect and a mighty vision of academic prowess. Profoundly, the fundamental leap from a non - existent high school education, when my studies were curtailed and I became a Drop - Out without a Regent's Diploma, to college in 2008, was overwhelmingly gigantic. The American Dream was a barrel of hard, difficult maneuvering, with only the possibility of parading off the streets in my homeless state To Achieve The Impossible Dream. My studies at the College of New Rochelle, my Four - Year Bachelor's of Art Program in Liberal Arts, with a Major in Psychology was successfully completed, in May 2012.  

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