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Video Game Ninjas



Have you ever wished that your video games could be real?

Josh did. He and his two best friends, Orlando and Matt, loved to hang out and play video games together more than anything in the world. 

Now, thanks to a weird old man and his weird old game, Josh and his buddies are about to get what they wished for...and if they're careful, they just might live long enough to regret it!

Josh, Orlando, and Matt, are the Video Game Ninjas! They're ready to kick butt in the real world with their brand-new ninja powers:

* Riding on top of speeding footballs!

* Fighting a giant, world-eating monster... with a special taste for schools!

* Conjuring powerful magic, including terrifying fire dragons!

* And combining all of their unique ninjas powers into the almighty Ninja Cannon!

Find out how these three best friends save the world, and discover the secrets behind their fantastic new powers...

Purchase "Video Game Ninjas" right now for your kids and get the audiobook version inside.

Follow along with the awesome audiobook while paging through all the beautiful illustrations of exciting ninja combat.

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